Our proven expertise and experience includes the following

Review of existing space usage

We undertake how space is used by observational studies which determine utilisation of areas such as meeting rooms, coffee zones, reception, open plan areas. We compile a comprehensive report with findings and recommendations from our space audits. These are of value to ensure that all space is used efficiently and cost effectively

Review of existing storage and furniture

We compile detailed inventories of existing furniture and storage which helps to determine the lifespan of existing products, what products can perhaps be refurbished or need to be replaced, and we can often inject ideas as to what new products are available to create better use of space.

Refurbishment advice

We have been able to assist a number of clients on how the lifespan of existing products can be prolonged especially when budgets are tight and a ‘new look’ is still preferred.

Advice on new/recyled furniture products

Sustainability is high on our agenda and we can advise on how existing products can be re-cycled in an environmentally way. We are also able to advise on environmental and sustainable policies pertaining to manufacturers and new products.

Design services

We offer a range of creative interior design and space planning services to support our clients.

Product specification

We maintain relationships with approximately 70/80 quality manufacturers and keep abreast of new products and new designs being produced by these furniture makers. As a result we are able to recommend products which meet specific design and function criteria whilst being in alignment with a client’s budget.

Establishment of budgets

With our intimate knowledge of furniture and loose items (often referred to as FF&E) we are able to advise and establish budgets which are tailored to the specific organisation.

Compilation of tender documents

We have assisted many procurement people within larger organisations or alternatively acted in this regard in the compilation of Tenders for furniture and loose items which clearly detail all the relevant BS standards which Tenderers must meet, whilst ensuring that all relevant specifications are included.

Evaluation matrices

We are able to compile valid and specific evaluation matrices including scoring for all Tenders to ensure that the process is wholly impartial.

Review of tender responses

We can either work alongside procurement people or act independently in the review and consideration of Tender responses. In addition we are able to offer appropriate advice to unsuccessful Tenderers in post Tender interviews.

Compilation of furniture contracts

In many cases we have been asked to compile Tender documents and to issue same along with evaluation matrices to an agreed list of organisations and manufacturers, to review the responses, and to write a comprehensive report which makes recommendations on suitable vendors.

Project management of furniture schedules

We have the experience and ability to offer a full order tracking facility to ensure delivery dates are met, and we follow this through by being on site to project manage deliveries. We also produce comprehensive snagging lists, and we maintain a full site presence until completion and handover.